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New Home - cricketscrush

Clients LOVE how Cricket has transformed their home decor…

  • Cricket is incredible talented and insightful. She transformed my house into the most gorgeous, warm, cozy and functional version of itself in one day. She added amazing details that never occurred to me, but nothing feels overdone or out of my family’s comfort zone. She made me house-proud overnight!

    – Catherine, New York City
  • “I was completely shocked at what happened to my apartment in one day! I left for work from a very bare, uninspired spaced, uninspired space and arrived home that evening to encounter a total visual transformation!The art was hung, the furniture rearrange to maximize space and Cricket attention to details made it all sing. My home literally glows- it is contemporary and traditional at the same, just like I am. The change brought me to tears. I am now truly home.”
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    – Ellie, New York City
  • “I did not even know Cricket. Her Jushing service was a gift form my in-laws. I was skeptical at first, but after metting Cricket I was completely at ease and psyched about the prospect of giving my “sagging” home decor a face lift. She throughtfully combined my own style and color preferences with her impeccable aesthetic. She made everything i owned come to life and it all fits perfectly with our family,s collective personality. I used to dread coming home, now i’m the first one to invete the family for holidays”!
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    – Laurie, New Jersey



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