An important component of our business is our shipping policy. Our pieces are often delicate and valuable. Expert packers use proven moving methods to insure safe and reliable transportation for all pieces whether from neighborhood to neighborhood or across the nation. We hire the most reputable third party shippers to provide drop-off and white glove services. Our goal is to meet the needs of both the buyers and sellers.

CricketsCrush, LLC ships from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to any State within the continental United States. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii or outside the United States.

Category One:

Smalls: Pieces weighing under 150lbs with be packed by a member of our team or by the shipper

Pieces in this category will be shipped via Fedex or UPS. Buyers will use the shipping calculator in the shopping cart to customize and pay for the shipping and handling charges.

  • Packing: A member of our shipping team will pack the piece and drop-off the box to UPS or Fedex.
  • Customer Service: Buyer will receive an email with the tracking and delivery information.

Delivery times: UPS and Federal Express have several options to fit your needs. Fedex Home will deliver to a residence on Saturdays. The buyer determines which option best suits their needs and budget.

Insurance: Fedex and UPS offer insurance up to $1,800 in value.

Category Two:

Oversize: Pieces weighing over 150lbs

Antiques and valuable large pieces will be packed and shipped by third party shippers who specialize in “antique and gallery” shipping. These specialists assess the items needs, pack it to ensure safe transportation and use trained personnel who have a proven track record in moving delicate pieces.

Packing: The shipper will use moving blankets or crate items depending on the needs of the piece and shipping methods.

Customer Service: Shipper will contact the buyer directly to coordinate a delivery time. Depending on shipper, the buyer will be given options for pin-pointing a delivery time which can include a tracking number, website, email address and phone number.


Buyer is responsible for all in-bound and out-bound shipping costs which includes packing materials, handling, transportation and insurance. All shipping costs are paid in advance at the time of purchase.  In-bound costs including picking up piece from sellers location and transporting to shippers nearest local hub.  Out-bound costs include transporating from the shippers hub to the buyers location. 

White Glove shipping will require a shipping quote, after knowing your location to provide a personalized price. The shipping quote will be emailed to you within 24 hours after you check out. You will have the option to accept the quote or easily cancel the purchase. If the customer’s location has any delivery challenges such as flights of stairs, street issues for a truck to access, long driveway that a truck has limited access to or a narrow driveway a truck could not access, additional charges will be added to the white glove delivery fee.

NOTE: CricketsCrush will email buyer a shipping form. Buyer will fill out the details of the location and return to us. This form will be emailed to shipper(s) for calculating the buyers personalized quote.

Customers need to measure their space such as doorways, elevators, stairwells before purchasing the item to make sure it fits. If they purchase it and it doesn’t fit, the item will need to be returned but their original shipping charge will not be refunded, and the return shipping fees will be deducted from their refund/credit.


Shipping delivery can take from a few days to a few week depending on many variables. Buyer will be given a delivery estimate along with the quote before purchasing the piece.


Buyer pays for insurance based on the full value of the piece. If the piece is damaged during transportation, CricketsCrush, LLC will work with the insurance company to settle the claim.

In home - delivery companies will not make any modifications to a customer’s home. They will not nail anything into a wall, remove doors, or install anything electrical. You need to have that noted.