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The holiday season is upon us and I am excited to say that we are gearing up to offer hundreds of new pieces for our online shoppers and design devotees.

I’ve spent the past months traveling off the beaten path from Purdys NY to Paris France to find head-turning and one-of-a-kind present-perfect inventory.

I have always said that the best gifts are those that you can barely stand to part with and I feel that way about most everything on CricketsCrush. Richard had to pry some of these treasures our of my grip so that he could photograph and upload them to the site.

It was a particularly tough battle with regard to the new JoAnn Berman furniture inventory! If only I had enough homes to furnish with these artistically silk screened, 100% original and one of a kind masterpieces. I honestly can’t get enough of these chairs and accessories and I love the idea of merging your art collection with your furniture collection. Each one of these is truly a piece of fantastic pop-art for your floor plan. Check them out!

And lastly, I hope you all know about my new JUSHING service! According the urban dictionary, to JUSHE, verb, means “to add oomph or the final touches to something, to jazz something up". According to the JUSHER, noun (aka me) it is the final bow at the end of long design project that makes everything picture perfect, a style session for your home merging what you own and love with what I bring from my warehouse of fabulous furniture, decor and art.

 A JUSHE can be like a total refresh button for digs done long ago or a jazzing up of a particular room you feel falls flat . The JUSHER provides that wow factor that transforms your living space from kinda drab to totally fab in a day!

So why are you waiting for goodness sake? Shop on-line, give me a call, or drop me an email and let’s talk about your personal JUSHING needs today!


Have a swanky, stylish and very happy holiday!
XXcricket (the Jusher)

Cricket Burns
Editor & Jusher

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