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Introducing the CRUSH MOBILE

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When I began CricketsCrush, the business was an extension one of my favorite past-times -hunting for chic vintage home décor. Helping our customers find chic home décor is great fun but CricketCrush is doing to much more to help you jushe up your abode!

The Crush Mobile has been a huge success this Summer. I'm literally bringing the consignment shop to your home. Together, we jushe up your house by re-designing rooms with a mixutre of your beloved pieces with our vintage home decorations. We allow you to experience the new look for few days, then buy what you want. I love it! It's a win win overnight solution for you!

Another surprise for me this Summer is hosting our CrushTV videos. Trust me, I was not exactly a natural on-camera talent. Creating short films about artists in the world of vintage chic decoration is exactly right in the sweet sprt for my husband Richard's filmaking talents. He loves creating inspirating stories about artists.

Together, we developed CrushTV productions to create home décor content. In July and Augest, we producer over 30 shorts  featuring original video stories about artists,  artisans, designers and more. I've gone from a nervous wreck when the camera rolls, to really loving being the host. It's fun interviewing theses incredibly talented artists and designers. I'm learning tons and so will you.

Finally, the Wall-of-life blog gets me back to my magazine roots. The concept began when one of our team members visited our NYC apartment. There, he found a wall filled with photos and art work I've collected for decades. He felt this was really a snap shot of my life on one wall. That observation became the design inspiration for our The Wall-of-life blog. It's very pinterest like.

Over the past few months, I've scoured the internet, hunted around manhattan, and attended Hamptons arts shows looking for new and vinatge art, unique artisan works, and other amazing home décor pieces for me to write about and pin on our Wall-of-life blog.

This brings me to what I'm curating on the site to sell. First off, if I wouldn't buy it, I'm not selling it. If I'm selling, then I'm injecting my personality to the descriptions about the décor pieces. I want you to understand what really moves me about the products I've picked for CricketsCrush.

Cricket Burns
Editor & Jusher

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