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Cricket in her NYC Apartment.

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Cricket's Curation/Editorial Expertise

I treasure hunt, 24/7, for spectacular and unusual home decor for my site. I am obsessed with unique interior design and I am inspired by the incredibly talented designers who imagine and execute the decor ideas that make my eyes pop! My motto; if I wouldn't buy it, I will not sell it! I admit that's a broad spectrum because I love so many styles and genres of home decor. I think you will too!

SHOP: HOME DECOR  Furniture, Tabletop, Lighting, Accents & Art

Chinese Panel
SHOP: ART GALLERY  An Eclectic Mix Of Head-Turning Art
About Cricket
About Cricket

Fashion Editor-Turned Decor Guru

Cricket, a highly respected NYC-based fashion editor and stylist (Harpers Bazaar, Seventeen, Avenue and Quest), is a self professed home decor fanatic. Not a day goes by where she is not "CRUSHING" (thus, cricketscrush) on something completely dazzling and unique for her living space. After years of friends asking her to share her design finds and style secrets, she decided to create Log on and chic-ify your life!

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Refresh & glamorize your home instantly!

After a consultation, Cricket (aka The JUSHER) returns with her CrushMobile brimming with fabulous pieces that will give your home that Wow-Factor! In a matter of hours, Cricket's thoughtfully curated combination of what you already have with what she knows you really need will transform your surroundings from "Gee, this is nice." to "Wow, this is drop dead gorgeous!!". What are you waiting for? Make and appointment and get JUSHED today!

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We Love Cool Consignments!

When you consign with Cricket, you recieve a custom solution to help you make money on the outgoing and make room for the in-coming! From photography of your pieces, research on description and price to storage & shipping, handles it all while you sit back and collect your checks. And, your beloved inventory is sure to find a chic new home. Guilt-free, hassle-free...Fabulous!

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About Crush TV

Cricket Interviews The Movers & Shakers

Cricket's husband and partner, Richard Burns, has been a filmmaker for over 30 years. This creative couple has combined their expertise and personal passions to create CrushTV; which features engaging, informational and insider-y chat style webisodes for our home decor lovers.