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Cricket in her NYC Apartment.

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Our Difference

Style, Service & Editorial

I'm looking for all types of chic decor, If I wouldn't buy it, I'm not selling it. Right now, I'm selling all types of home furnishing, I sell new, vintage,and important antiques. Pieces has to have a aesthetic that excites me. A wow factor worthy of blog posting. Besides selling, I'll also have a Jushing service where I bring our inventory to your home. That's our difference. xcC

Vintage home furniture has many descriptions such as; pre-owner decor, rare finds, gently loved, estate furniture, are just a few. Chic vintage home decor is what I'm finding and selling in this category. You won't be disappointed if you're looking for amazing furnishings, excellent quality, a great value and something to add punch to your place!.
Green Chair
Pink China with Floral Prints
Palm Beach Lantern

Chinese Panel
SHOP: FINE ANTIQUES - Important Rare Finds
Many seelers we meet with have very important antiques in there homes. I'm not an antique expert, so I wasn't concerned about autenticity. We decided in order to selling "chic" antiques on our site, we needed to "partner" with the top dealers in the North East. Not only do well list their items, the one's I love, but we also ask the dealers to make sure the items we sell from estates are authentic. All of these pieces come with the proper paper work.
SHOP: ELEGANT FLEA MARKET - Affordable, Fun & Stylish
This is my category for fabulous and affordable finds, When was a magazine fashion editor travelling to shows in London, Paris and Milan, I finding treasures at world famous flea markets. In my own home, I think it's really important to put a dash quirky and whimsical pieces in every room. Often its the pieces that cost $25.00 that get the most attention from my guests. You'll also find really nice home furnishings that home some whear'n'tear but haven't lost their chic style.
SHOP: ART GALLERY - An Eclectic Mix
My husband and I are artists. We not only love creating our own work, but we spend much of our downtime visting galleries, museums and attending art festivals. We don't selll "wall art", we mostly sell works by artists who have become our friends. We've either collected and loved their works for years or recently become social because of CricketsCrush. Our artists are painters, sculptors and photographers working in a variety of genres. We don't really specialize in a catagory, we sell works we love by ours friends.
About Cricket
About Cricket

Absolutely Stunning Design & Functionality

Cricket, A highly respected NYC-Based fashion editor and stylist for over thirty years, Is a selfprofessed home decor fanatic. Not a day goes by where she is not "CRUSHING" (thus, cricketscrush) on somethig new and different for her living space.

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About Jushing

My Service refreshes your home in a day!

I begin the process with a consultation. A few days later, I come back with our truck full of decor pieces that I think will be a grat solution to meet your needs. Together, we begin to jushe your home. Then, we allow you to live with it for the time you need to make decision for the final edit.

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About Selling

Accepting Everything Amazing!

Selling on CricketsCrush is a white glove service. We do everything from photography to shipping. We provide a custom solution to meet the needs of the seller. The process begins by contacting us here xcC.

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About Cricket
About Crush TV

Entertaining home decor programming

Cricket's husband, Richard, has been a filmmaker for over 30 years. For the past 10 years, he has created artist profiles on his award winning web series culture catch. Together, Cricket and Richard have launched CRUSHTV to provide engaging episodes for home decor lovers.

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